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Card set for both UNO and Joker by hosmich Card set for both UNO and Joker by hosmich
A pack (deck, set) of cards for UNO contains 108 cards, the same number as French cards pack. So I made correspondence between them. Result is in seven files zipped in this deviation. Because French cards can substitute Bavarian ones, with this pack you can play wide range of games, e.g. UNO, Joker, Skat, Blackjack, Switch etc. (some even I don't know). The files are in SVG format, so you can change fonts or colors of letters, eventually add graphics to this card set. If you can't print SVG files, convert them to bitmap format (in vector editor select Export bitmap). The original idea of common UNO-French set is from year 2008. This realization is from year 2014. The front and back image of this set is also from that year.

--------- Position of symbols ---------

Middle:    UNO symbol
Corner up:    UNO symbol
Corner down:    Joker symbol

------------- UNO symbols -------------

0    card with value 0
1    card with value 1
2    card with value 2
3    card with value 3
4    card with value 4
5    card with value 5
6    card with value 6
7    card with value 7
8    card with value 8
9    card with value 9
Ø    skip card, value 20
↔   switch card, value 20
+2  draw card, value 20
☺   free card, value 50
∀   all players must draw

Players must put card on card with same color or symbol. Free card can substitute all cards. Skip card skips one player. Switch card changes direction of game. Draw card forces the player to draw cards (the number of cards drawn can be 1, 2 or 4). Sometimes free card is also draw card. Player with no cards on hand is winner. The other players count their values and the more points, the worse for a player.

------------ Joker symbols ------------

♦   Diamond
♠   Spade
♥   heart
♣   club
2   card with value 2
3   card with value 3
4   card with value 4
5   card with value 5
6   card with value 6
7   card with value 7
8   card with value 8
9   card with value 9
10 card with value 10
J    Jack
Q  Queen
K   King
A   Ace
☺  Joker

This suit of cards is usable for variety of games, it can serve as the French set (with all cards) or as the German set (only with 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K and A). With the French set can be played e.g. Joker, with the German set can be played e.g. Mau Mau, which is similar to UNO. Queen in Mau Mau can change the color, so it is assigned to the free card. Ace in Mau Mau skips one player, so it is assigned to the skip card. The rest is assigned by me. The smiley is used for Joker as well as for the free card, because these cards can substitute any card according to player's will.

This description is not guideline of playing the games, it is only brief description of cards used. For original rules of UNO or other games see another sites.
Enjoy the game!
hosmich Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
Another way of correspondence between UNO an French cards is here.
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